Rubik Cube Guide

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Rubik's Cube Solution


Rubik's Cube Solution

We use some conventions to annotate the moves

Side Conventions

Direction Conventions

So Fc means rotate the front side clockwise.

Stage 1 - White Cross

The first step is to create a white cross on the Upper side. The four coloured squares that touch the ends of the white cross must each match the colour of the central square on the Front, Back, Left and Right sides.

With the white central piece at the top, find a white middle piece on the bottom row, or move one to the bottom row, rotate the bottom row until the colour aligns with the same colour of a centre piece. With that colour face facing you, if the white is on the bottom, simply rotate the front clockwise twice:

Table 1. White Cross Move 1



Table 2. White Cross Move 2


Repeat for each colour until you have a white cross.

White Cross

Figure 1. White Cross

Stage 2 - White Corners

The second step is to move the white corners into place to make the Upper side all white while ensuring the adjacent row on each of the Front, Back, Left and Right side matches the colour of their centre pieces.

Find a white corner on the bottom row with the white side not on the bottom. If there are no white corners in such a position, you will have rotate a side to move one into such a position, be carefull to restore the white cross after this move. Rotate the bottom row until the colour of the corner piece matches the colour of the centre piece. If the corner is on the right side use the following moves:

Table 3. White Corner Move Right



Table 4. White Corner Move Right


Repeat until the top row is completed.

White Corners

Figure 2. White Corners

Move the white corners to make a white top.

Stage 3 - Middle Row

The third step is to make the middle row on the Front, Back, Left and Right sides match the colour of those sides' centre pieces.

Orange-Blue Edge in start position

Figure 3. Orange-Blue Edge in start position

Rotate the top until you have a vertical line of one colour and a non yellow colour edge. In the picture above there is a vertical blue line with an orange edge. The piece will need to be rotated clockwise or anti-clockwise to get it into position in the middle row. If the colour edge has to be moved to the left side, then the first move will be anti-clockwise otherwise the first move is clockwise when the edge has to be moved to the right side. In this case, the piece needs to be moved anti-clockwise to get the orange edge into the side with an orange centre piece.

So, when the piece needs to be moved anti-clockwise, the sequence is…

Table 5. Clockwise Middle Row Move


So there is a symmetry, two anti-clockwise, four clockwise and two anti-clockwise, likewise when the first move is clockwise there are two clockwise, four anti-clockwise and two clockwise.

Orange-Blue Edge in position

Figure 4. Orange-Blue Edge in position

When the piece needs to be moved anti-clockwise, the sequence is…

Table 6. Clockwise Middle Row Move


So, the first move is in the opposite direction to where the piece is to be moved. Repeat these moves until the middle row is complete. There will be cases where a required piece is in the middle row but in the wrong place. If so, choose the appropriate sequence to move another square into its place. For example, in Figure 3, the green-orange side piece ends up being knocked into a different position. as in in Figure 4.

Stage 4 - Yellow Cross

Now look at the Upper side and see how the yellow squares are laid out to choose the appropriate action.

  • Three yellows across the middle: proceed to Yellow Row.

  • A yellow cross with zero or more corner pieces in place: proceed to Stage 5.

  • None of the above: proceed with Yellow Other.

You will now have to repeat the following sequences until you have a yellow cross on the Upper side.

Stage 4 - Yellow Row

Yellow Row

Figure 5. Yellow Row

Position the cube so that the yellow row is horizontal. Then use the “FRURUF” move.

Table 7. FRURUF Move


Stage 4 - Yellow Other

Yellow Other

Figure 6. Yellow Other

Position the cube so that one or more yellow edge pieces on the Upper side are top left. Then use the “FURURF” move.

Table 8. FURURF Move


Repeat the above sequences as often as necessary to get the four yellow edge pieces in a cross (with zero or more corner pieces in place).

Stage 5 - Yellow Corners

This stage will get the yellow corners in place but not necessarily in the correct positions, which is fine for now.

Position the bottom left corner of the cube according to how many other corners are in position, using the following as a guide:

Table 9. Stage 5 Cube Positions

0One of the yellow corners should be top right on the Left side.
Zero Corners

Figure 7. Zero Corners

1That one yellow corner should be bottom left on the Upper side.
One corner

Figure 8. One corner

2One of your yellow corners should be top left on the Front side.
Two Corners

Figure 9. Two Corners

Then repeat the following sequence until the Upper side is all yellow. After each sequence, position the cube according to the above rules.

Table 10. Yellow Corners


Stage 6 - Yellow Corner into Correct Positions

The sixth stage is to move the yellow corners into their correct positions. If the corners are already in their correct positions, proceed to the next stage.

Rotate the top of the cube until two of the corners are in their correct positions. This may be two opposite corners or two on the same side. In the latter case, rotate the cube so the correct corners are on the Back side. Then repeat the sequence below until the corners are in their correct positions.

Yellow Corners - Same Side

Figure 10. Yellow Corners - Same Side

Yellow Corners - Opposite Corners

Figure 11. Yellow Corners - Opposite Corners

Table 11. Yellow Corners Sequence


Stage 7 - Yellow Edges into Correct Position

The last step is to move the yellow edge pieces into position. If they have arrived in the correct position already, you are done.

Yellow Edges - One Good Side

Figure 12. Yellow Edges - One Good Side

If one top side is correct, rotate the cube until that side is on the Back. Otherwise, just perform either of the following sequences until one side is correct.

The yellow edge on the front centre will need to be moved clockwise or anti-clockwise to get it into the correct position. Choose the appropriate sequence below accordingly.

The yellow edge needs to be moved to the left, ie clockwise

Table 12. Yellow Edge Needs to be Moved Clockwise


The yellow edge needs to be moved to the right, ie anti-clockwise

Table 13. Yellow Edge Anti-Clockwise


Repeat until all the edges are in position, WELL DONE.